What Vegetarians Eat For Dinner

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If you are in a dilemma on what to have for your dinner, then look no further. So, we have come up with some excellent vegetarian recipes just for you. Because preparing the recipes is using the right ingredients.

What You Need To Have For Vegetarian Dinner
What You Need To Have For Vegetarian Dinner

Green Apple Nachos

You will be glad to know that green apples are very healthy. Apart from that, they taste good. Because the apples are rich in vitamin C. It is not surprising that the apples are used for patients and those who are recovering from ailments.

The apples need to be sliced and cored. You can place them in the refrigerator. You will need some peanut butter, granola, and some dried cranberries. So, take a serving plate and arrange the apples on them.

With the help of a spoon, you can pour the peanut butter on them. Use the granola and cranberries that have been dried. It was quite simple to prepare and tasty to eat.

Ideal for preparation when you need to make something in a hurry. Probably, you are not keeping well or running out of schedule. Whatever the reason, with the help of this dish, your stomachs will not go hungry at night.

What You Need To Have For Vegetarian Dinner
What You Need To Have For Vegetarian Dinner

Grilled Potatoes with Creamy Lemon Dressing

The grilled potatoes with lemon dressing is a simple dish to prepare for your dinner. It is a flavored and comes loaded with nutrients. You need 1kg of baby white potatoes that is boiled and sliced.

Apart from that, you need lemons, cloves of garlic, onions, cilantro leaves, and Italian parsley leaves. You will need some olive oil, salt and pepper. The baby potatoes that have been boiled need to be brushed with olive oil.

Then you should season them with pepper and salt accordingly. Some people like to use salt and pepper. While others prefer the dish as it is. Use a grill that has been pre-heated on high heat for few minutes.

The dish has to be transferred on a plate. You need to now combine the cilantro, onion, lemon juice, and garlic. Use the olive oil, salt, pepper, and parsley. Place them inside a food processor.

Now, you need to blend them into a smooth mixture. It can be used as a sauce on the potatoes that have been grilled.

What You Need To Have For Vegetarian Dinner

Honey Lime Grilled Cauliflower

The ingredients for this dish is a long one. You need a large cauliflower and remove the leaves. Use lime, garlic, cilantro, olive oil, paprika, chipotle powder, honey, and salt. Apart from that, you can use lime wedges.

So, the cauliflower needs to be trimmed into the shape of steaks. Take a bowl, pour some olive oil, and lime juice. You can mix them and then add some garlic along with honey. Take another bowl and then use the paprika, chipotle, lime zest, and salt.

Because the cauliflower heads can be brushed using lime honey mix. After that, you will need to mix it with the chipotle mixture. Use a grill that has been pre-heated on high for few minutes. The cauliflower is cooked and then you can spread some cilantro.

Now serve it with the lime wedges.

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