Vegan Desserts: 9 Dairy Free And Plant Based Ideas

Vegan Desserts: 9 Dairy Free And Plant Based Ideas

Are you a vegan? Has your doctor asked you to stay away from any lactose products? Still you are craving for sweets? Do not worry.  You can try the vegan desserts, which are made completely of plant based products. Moreover, no lactose ingredients are used in them, which make then apt for the lactose-intolerant people as well.

Vegan Desserts: 9 Dairy Free And Plant Based Ideas
Vegan Desserts: 9 Dairy Free And Plant Based Ideas

Ice Cream Cake Having Vanilla And Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

It’s super yummy. This frozen cake prepared with a chocolate shell, ice cream made of coconut milk and the sandwich cookies is everyone’s dream. If your friends are coming over and they are not vegan, you can make this dessert. I am sure this recipe will win their hearts.

Meringues With Chocolate Chips And Cream Of Tartar

What you do with the chickpea water? Obviously you drain it out. But next time you prepare chickpeas, keep the liquid for making the palatable meringues. Whip the chickpea water along with cream of tartar and mix the chocolate chips. You can add other flavors instead of chocolate chips if you want. Your sweet meringues are ready to satisfy your sweet craving.

Raspberry And Lemon Cheesecake

Made of some awesome nourishing stuff like coconut oil, raspberries, vegan cheese and unsalted cashews along with lemon juice, this cake will satisfy your sweet tooth and make you more energetic.

Peanut Butter Cups With chocolate Chips

Peanut butter and chocolate chips – You cannot imagine how just these two ingredients give rise to an awesome dessert like these delicious cups. You can make them and store in the refrigerator for having a bite whenever you want. Kids also love them.

Vegan Desserts: 9 Dairy Free And Plant Based Ideas
Vegan Desserts: 9 Dairy Free And Plant Based Ideas

Spicy Apple Cake Having Maple Buttercream Frosting

Molasses, fresh and juicy apples, brown sugar, all spices, cinnamon and ginger are combined together to make this tasty double layered cake. When the maple buttercream frosting is added on the top, it just tastes like heaven. Believe me! Or try it now!

Chocolate Crunchy Brownies Without Baking

A concoction of natural peanut butter, dates and raw cocoa gives you this fudgy brownies that requires no baking. If you want to fuel yourself, try these brownies.

Coconut Doughnuts

Looking for a vegan sweet item that you can make just in half an hours? Well, in that case this coconut doughnut is your thing. Whip up a glaze made of coconut milk, soy milk as well as agave to come up with this tasty doughnut. Be it kids or adults, everyone is just going to loves this vegan doughnut.

Shortcake Strawberry Pies – Totally Vegan And No Bake

Have you ever tried vegan pies? No! Then this is time to try this strawberry pie. The crust is prepared with cashew and coconut and loaded with the filling of creamy strawberry. This recipe doesn’t need any baking.

Vegan Tartlets Prepared With Almonds, Maples And Cranberry

Made with a filling of almonds and maples and topped with sweet cranberry compote, infused with orange, these vibrant and delicious tarts will make your day. The most important thing is they are free of gluten. So, they are healthy too.

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