What Vegans Can Eat

Vegan vs vegetarian has been the talk of the town nowadays, especially for the vegetarians. Though many people believe that there is no difference between the two but it is not so. Although vegan diet is a subset of vegetarianism, but still there is a major difference between the two. Now, vegetarian word itself implies nothing related to animal products.

Main Differences

When it comes to vegan vs vegetarian diet, the former gets a little strict in terms of what to eat and what not. However, the main difference between the two is that when vegetarian is a diet, vegan implies a lifestyle. Let us have a detailed look at the main differences between the two.

Vegan Vs Vegetarian: Differences And Comparison
Vegan Vs Vegetarian: Differences And Comparison


Well, people who adopt vegan lifestyle do not include any animal product in their life, such as food and clothing. However, vegetarian is a diet that excludes meat, including its by products as well. However, some vegetarians can also include many variants of the diet, such as even eggs and dairy products. However, vegans do not consume any kind of meat, eggs, milk, honey, and anything made from animal products.

Health Content

As per health experts, both vegan and vegetarian diets have their own health benefits. However, the need is to identify the dietary contents to be included in a balanced way. Both vegetarian and vegan meals contain lower content of calcium, vitamins D, B12, and omega-3 fatty acids. However, vegetarian diets contain more of calcium and vitamin B12 as compared to vegans.

However, both vegetarians and vegans need to look for supplements for these above mentioned nutrients to get a balanced life.

Weight Gain

When it comes to vegan vs vegetarian, vegans are in benefit when it comes to losing weight. The reason is that vegan food materials contain less of calories as it excludes milk products. Thus, vegans enjoy a lower body mass index as compared to vegetarians. So, if you are also planning to lose weight, it is advisable to turn to vegan food. However, vegetarian diet contains high amount of calories and thus cannot be beneficial if you are planning to cut down on calories. Moreover, you may not get more of proteins in vegan meals which may be sufficient in particular vegetables and lentils.

Vegan Vs Vegetarian: Differences And Comparison
Vegan Vs Vegetarian: Differences And Compariso

Decision Is Yours

As per health experts, when you choose a vegan lifestyle, you tend to lose on some nutritional value in food. However, this could result in some deficiencies in your body. Thus, if you are already suffering from any particular deficiency, it is better to avoid vegan lifestyle and diet. Moreover, it is always advisable to contact a dietician before you plan to turn to any particular diet.


However, vegan vs vegetarian diet has its own differences and important aspects to count. You can definitely consult  a dietician if you want a proper meal plan which can help you to prepare well for things to be included and excluded in your lifestyle. So, if you are still thinking about choosing between the two, get a proper advice.

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