Top 12 Foods That Make a Vegan Diet Work for You

best vegan food

If you are in the market for a new, good vegetarian or vegan recipe book, it might be helpful to find out what to look for in the best vegan food brands. There are so many books on the market today that claim to be the “the one,” and that may be true, but not all of them are created equal. Some books will only claim to offer one or two recipes, while another book will offer up hundreds of mouth-watering recipes that could easily feed an entire dinner. So, how do you find out which books offer the best vegetarian recipes? Here are some tips:

First, ask your fellow vegans about their personal recommendations. If you have a large number of vegans in your social circle, you have a good chance that several of them have recommended a particular vegan food brand. You can easily find out from them if a particular book has worked well for them. On the other hand, if there are no members in your circle who have given your book a ringing endorsement, it’s still worth a look. You might just find that it’s worth your while to give the book a try.

Best Vegan Food

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Check the ingredients. Most vegan books will include ingredients lists for the dishes they prepare and even recipes. If the vegan foods brand creates its own recipes, you should examine the ingredients and their forms to determine if they are safe to eat. Even if a company spends more time creating its own meals, it is still imperative to check these products for contamination levels and to ensure that the nutrients are what the brand promises are in the foods.

Check the brand’s claims. Just like when you buy organic foods, you must also make sure that the book is telling the truth. For example, claim that organic olive oil will leave your skin softer than ordinary oil. If the book does not mention that olive oil has been stripped of most of its nutrients, stay away from it. It will be full of lies.

Look for “all-natural” ingredients. This means that vegan meals or snacks should not have artificial coloring or preservatives. Some companies add coloring to their products to give them an appealing color, but this coloring is considered harmful because it builds up in the body and can cause cancer. Other preservatives, such as artificial flavors, are necessary to ensure that the product is tasty, but the artificial flavoring is bad news for people with high blood pressure. Finally, find vegan foods brands that use organic milk, butter, eggs, or certified gluten-free grains.

A Much Ado 

Look for products labeled as “gluten-free.” Gluten is a common ingredient in non-vegan foods because it makes the items taste better and stick together better. Unfortunately, gluten can also cause digestive problems in people with Celiac disease. While the best vegan snacks and meals will contain organic dairy and other plant-based proteins, products labeled as “gluten-free” should contain one or the other of these ingredients only. For example, rice cakes often contain gluten, so rice cakes cannot be used in place of a regular cake.

Find vegan-friendly brands that use high-quality ingredients. Brands like deduce are highly regarded and well worth the investment. Desta has an entire line of high-quality, all-natural, dairy-free products including energy bars, smoothies, and shakes. If you cannot find dairy-free products in your area, check out this brand’s website and order online.

Final Words 

The best way to stay healthy and enjoy life is by choosing the healthiest, most delicious plant-based foods available. Consider following the tips above to ensure that you are meeting your goals as a vegan. The next step is to create your own Instagram account and post photos of your most delicious new creations. Stay tuned for part 2 of this article where we will cover how to make use of social media to further promote your vegan lifestyle!

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