The Vegan Food List – Why It’s Important to Know What You’re Eating

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Peta is a website that was started over 10 years ago in the San Francisco Bay area as a way for pet owners to be able to create and customize their very own “pet food” lists. The idea being that some people don’t really know how to make healthy choices for themselves and their animals, and they’d rather have someone else do it. And who can blame them?

An Overview

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In recent years we’ve seen many celebrities come out as “vegan.” Ellen DeGeneres ever hosted a popular cooking show, where she demonstrated how to make a tasty, healthy homemade meal for her dog, Poppy. Then there’s Julia Roberts, who did a talk show that incorporating the words “vegan dog food” into her show. And then of course there’s Julia Child, who used the phrase several times in one of her shows. So the word is out that you no longer need to go to a special store to find good vegan dog food.

But just because the labels are out on the labels doesn’t mean that your pet can actually eat this new type of food. Even if you have found “certified” vegan food in a pet store, it still could be a combination of various ingredients. Even if it says “human grade,” that doesn’t mean that there’s any human in it. This is why I recommend that you stay away from “human grade” foods as well. Here’s why.

Important Vegan Food Tips Facts

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When a pet food company adds “human grade” or “life grade” to their pet food, they are in essence saying that any problem ingredient will be allowed in the dog food. While the quality of these ingredients may be higher than those found in other types of food, the long term health effects are often not considered. And sometimes these chemicals and preservatives are even more dangerous than the actual ingredients they contain.

As an example, let’s say you’re interested in buying some vegan dog food. You go to a pet store (let’s say grocery store #), and you see a few bags of “human grade” dog food. Now let’s say that a third of the bag is filled with what appears to be bones. How would you feel about that?

So now you know that some dog food is dangerous, but you may not be aware of how much damage can be done. And unfortunately, it happens all the time. A dog food label may say something like “human grade 3 poultry” – but what does that mean? Doesn’t that mean these are products that humans fed to their dogs? Don’t you think that could be an issue?

That’s why you need to stay far clear of “human grade” foods whenever possible. There are plenty of excellent, all-natural vegetarian dog foods available that are safe for your pet, tasty, and full of nutrition. They have no artificial preservatives or added flavors, which means they won’t cause any adverse reaction in either your dog or yourself. If you do happen to see a product on a vegan food list that is questionable at all, then simply write the name down and ask the clerk to explain it to you. More than likely, they will have a great deal to offer you.

In The End

Now, this doesn’t mean that you can’t buy human foods from time to time. Some vegans make a point to only buy such items as pasta, rice, and other grains. However, if you’re going to include dairy products in your vegan food diet, you should be sure to read the ingredients labels on the containers. In many cases, you can buy vegan food online and find great recipes that will provide your pets with the nutrients they need on a daily basis.

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