Recipes Using Cashew Goat Cheese

cashew goat cheese

Cashew Goat Cheese is a mixture of cashews, goat’s milk, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, and other spices. It has a taste comparable to cream cheese but it is made entirely from non-animal products. This makes it an excellent substitute for recipes calling for cream cheese or goat cheese.

There are many great ways to use this product in recipes. It can be used as the main ingredient or as part of the recipe just to add flavor. Here are some examples that you may want to try:

Goat cheese and red pepper tart pizza

cashew goat cheese

The recipe calls for red peppers and goat cheese but since goat cheese is difficult to find in many areas where pizza is popular, the Cashew Goat Cheese makes for a good substitute.

Goat cheese and basil pesto

cashew goat cheese

This recipe calls for basil pesto but almost every restaurant that serves it has either run out or stopped serving it because they cannot find goat cheese at their suppliers. The Cashew Goat Cheese will solve this problem.

Crab cakes with cashew cream sauce

The traditional way of making crab cakes involves deep frying them which leaves them with a lot of fat. Luckily there are other healthier ways to make them such as baking them in the oven so you can serve your guests something delicious without worrying about their cholesterol levels skyrocketing from eating them. The crab cakes in this recipe are accompanied by a delicious cashew cream sauce that is sure to please your guests.

Vegan spinach and artichoke dip

This easy-to-make recipe calls for many ingredients such as garlic, onion, vegetable stock, soy milk, artichokes, spinach, mayonnaise, and cheese among other things. You can use the Cashew Goat Cheese to replace the dairy products while still serving a tasty dish that everyone will love.

Kale pesto pasta salad

This simple summertime salad has no meat or fish added but it tastes great because of the kale pesto used in its preparation. Most recipes call for basil pesto but since basil is not common in areas where pasta salads are served, the kale pesto gives it a different dimension which you may find tastier.

Grilled cheese with cauliflower and cashew goat cheese

Who would have thought that something as simple as grilled cheese can be delicious without using dairy products? By replacing the regular cheeses used in this recipe with the Cashew Goat Cheese, you will be amazed at how much better it tastes. You can add some cauliflower and other vegetables to give it an interesting twist and discover your new favorite dish!

Kale salad with creamy avocado citrus dressing

This recipe calls for kale but you already know that is difficult to come by in areas where kale is not commonly eaten. You can use the Cashew Goat Cheese to make up for the lack of this important ingredient and come up with your unique salad that even non-vegetarians would love.

Vegan french toast

Vegan French toast is very hard to make because you cannot easily get something comparable to eggs in most areas. This recipe uses tofu instead of eggs which will solve the problem of there being no vegan French toast available. It also calls for nutmeg which gives it a unique taste that you are sure to enjoy.

Cashew cream sauce for fish chicken or pasta

This interesting sauce has many uses but its primary use involves fish or chicken since it works so well as a condiment. You can also use it to replace the cream sauce that is used in popular pasta dishes such as fettuccine alfredo or carbonara and end up enjoying something much healthier and tastier.

Kale and artichoke dip

This recipe calls for many ingredients such as potatoes, shallots, artichokes, avocado oil, mozzarella cheese, kale, and tomatoes among other things. You can replace these difficult-to-find items with Cashew Goat Cheese which will make you able to serve a delicious dish without compromising on flavor.

We hope these recipes have helped you discover new ways to incorporate Cashew Goat Cheese in your cooking. Whether you want something simple like a grilled cheese sandwich or an elaborate recipe with many ingredients, the cashew goat cheese will make it possible for you to prepare delicious dishes that are healthy and nutritious.

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