Do Vegans Eat Eggs Find Out If You Do and What to Know About Protein in Your Diet

do vegans eat eggs

Some vegans refuse to consume egg products altogether. These vegans claim that the eggs produced by the animal products are dead animals and so should not be consumed. Eggs may be eaten, they argue, but only in the rarest of quantities. This is similar to vegetarianism, they say, because some vegetarians refuse to eat animal products like milk and meat. The practice is similar to a “pescetarian” diet, which some non-vegan individuals do occasionally.

Other vegetarians are open to eating eggs if they do not have a problem with eggs that are covered in cholesterol. However, many vegetarians (and non-vegans) are not concerned with the cholesterol in eggs, because these cholesterol levels are not related to heart disease. What is important to these individuals is the cholesterol found in other animal products, namely dairy products, and meat. They feel that one egg is the same as twenty regular eggs, and that there is no difference. Even though this may be technically true, there is great variety in the actual contents of one egg.

Come From Caged Chickens

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Most egg whites come from caged chickens. The white does not have the same cholesterol content found in the yolk. Some claim that there is a difference, but others claim there is absolutely no difference, and that the cholesterol content in the egg yolk is what matters. Egg yolks are available at most supermarkets. If you have a problem consuming eggs, consider making your own.

Veganism is more complicated than simply consuming no eggs. There are those who take issue with exploitation of animals. In addition, some vegans do not eat eggs because they do not like the way that they look. Although some people are drawn to the exploitation of chickens for their eggs, others find that exploitation occurs when the hens are confined in overcrowded pens.

Salmonella, And Other Germs

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The eggs laid by the hens can contain feces that could carry salmonella, and other germs. Furthermore, the eggs can be contaminated with bacteria or viruses. Some people are concerned about the effect of eggs on their health. Egg production is extremely efficient in intensive farming systems that utilize chemical fertilizers. These fertilizers can affect the quality of eggs laid by hens, and they can also contaminate outside chicken eggs.

The best way to avoid exploitation is to purchase eggs from a local farm, but veganism does not prevent you from eating eggs. For those who do eat eggs, it is important to watch out for the conditions under which the hens are kept. Many farms exploit the birds by keeping them in unhealthy conditions. They are not allowed to fly freely, they are not given sufficient space to move around freely, and they are not fed properly. Some hens may even be forced to live in cramped quarters.

The Abuse Of Chickens

When you buy eggs from a local farm, you can avoid suffering from these kinds of abuses. There are many undercover sources for healthy eggs, including farms and food co-ops. Even though many of these establishments don’t practice animal cruelty, they still don’t allow the abuse of chickens, which means that you can choose eggs from a place that abides by the law.

If you don’t want to buy eggs from a shack, you can still delight in the benefits of free-range eggs. A farm’s free-range policy means that the animals aren’t confined to small cages for their entire lives. They can roam around and experience the world as nature intended, so you can feel confident about the safety and purity of the eggs laid by hens laying for you. Organic eggs, free-range chickens, and cuckoo eggs are healthier options for your family.


Many advocates of vegetarianism live in rural communities, so they rarely get to visit hatcheries. However, you can easily find a local supplier if you know where to look. Providing the highest standards of care to livestock is important to animal rights groups everywhere. While there are some hatcheries that use battery-cage hens, you can still enjoy eggs per week from female chickens that enjoy free-range living conditions. By including eggs in your vegetarian diet, you can help reduce your risk for heart disease, cancer, and other health issues. There’s no need to give up eating meat, but if you don’t want to increase your cholesterol or your risk for heart disease, you may want to consider switching to a vegetarian diet. Eggs have a variety of nutrients, including protein and fiber, which can make a delicious part of a balanced diet.

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