Different Types Of Vegans

different types of vegans

There are many different types of vegans. Some people may choose to be vegan for ethical reasons, while others may do it for health reasons. There are also environmental vegans, who avoid animal products for the sake of the planet. Regardless of the reason, there are many benefits to being a vegan.

What is a vegan?

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A vegan is someone who does not eat, wear or use any animal products, by-products, or methods of obtaining these products for ideological reasons. Some common examples include meat, eggs, dairy, honey, and leather. Vegans are sometimes referred to as strict vegetarians because they do not eat animal flesh whereas other vegetarians don’t mind eating milk/eggs/honey etc.

Types of vegans

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There are different types of vegans depending on their reasons for being vegan: choosing to avoid animal exploitation in any form, whether it be food, clothes, or any other animal-based products.

Some vegans are motivated by the environment and what veganism can do for world hunger, while others are motivated by health reasons such as not wanting to eat meat that might contain hormones or chemicals due to intensive farming methods.

The benefits of veganism

Veganism saves many animals lives who would otherwise end up in slaughter houses, helps reduce global warming (livestock account for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions), reduces heart disease risk (many countries where meat is eaten on a daily basis have higher rates of cardiovascular diseases) and obesity (the average American consumes 219 pounds of meat each year).

How to become a vegan

There are many different ways in which you can become a vegan. You could choose to gradually go ‘cold turkey’ and cut all animal products out of your diet in one go, or if that sounds like too much of an effort you could start by cutting out meat first (which is where most people’s main concerns lie) then slowly cutting out eggs/dairy products, etc.

Vegan meal ideas

There are literally thousands of vegan recipes available online and it would take years to make them all! Here are some examples:

Breakfast: cereal, toast, fruit and veg smoothies

Lunch: salads, falafel wraps/sandwiches with hummus, pasta dishes with veggies, etc..

Dinner: stir-fries with rice, currys with tofu or mock meat, chili con ‘Carne’

The best foods for vegans

Nuts and seeds – great sources of protein and omega 3 essential fatty acids, as well as rich in vitamins (iron, zinc, etc..) Fruit – contains antioxidants which help protect against cancer Vegetables – very nutritious legumes (beans/peas/lentils) are packed full of fiber but also contain lots of good quality protein brown rice is another source of ‘complete vegetal protein’ Wholemeal bread – wholegrain products contain complex carbohydrates which release energy more slowly than refined flour sugars Spices like turmeric, ginger, and garlic. They may not sound like they would make amazing dishes on their own, but these spices contain compounds that can help reduce cancer and heart disease risk.


There are many different types of vegans who each have their own set of beliefs. Some believe in a plant-based diet while others believe that animals should not be killed for food at all, and some may even go as far as to say they will only eat raw foods! This can make it difficult when choosing what type of vegan you are or want to become because there is no one way to classify yourself.

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