Delicious Vegan Dinner Recipes - Delicious Vegan Dinner Recipes -

Delicious Vegan Dinner Recipes

delicious vegan dinners

The holiday season is upon us once again and it’s time to get out the vegan cooking and prepare some delicious vegan meals for your loved ones. Whether you’re a lifelong vegan or just a new vegan trying to add some variety to your meal recipes, ve got your buns covered! For those who need rescuing from their unhealthy salad abyss, there are 22 delicious vegan recipes that are absolutely worth the effort. These are all recipes that vegans would make if they were in their comfort zone. If you don’t feel like trying them this year why not try them the next time around.

It can be as simple as going to your local deli and picking up a spiral slicer or making your own. By tossing salad greens into a large bowl along with some apple slices, celery sticks, olive oil and whatever other additional ingredients you think will round off the meal, you’ve got a satisfying, yet relatively low fat and calorie meal that you and your family can enjoy.

The Basic Vegan Recipes

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Another one of the basic vegan recipes that you can pull off at home is a simple meatloaf. You can find many meatloaf recipes online, including mouthwatering one that uses lentils as its base. To make this recipe a little different, try leaving out the onions and garlic and substituting them for carrots, cauliflower and potatoes. A few different spices you can use to flavor your lentil meatloaf include cumin, coriander, oregano, Cayenne pepper, garlic powder, black pepper, salt and pepper to name a few. If you have a food processor, you can also grind chickpeas, mushrooms and other beans to create your own delicious and easy to store and prepare meals.

Of course, there are many other delicious vegan dinners you can pull off at home that don’t require any fancy gadgets. One of the easiest and most healthy is turning any non-dairy meat into a low-calorie ice cream alternative by using almond milk. There are many recipes online for recipes for non-dairy ice cream.

20 Minutes Recipes

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For other quick and easy yet delicious vegan dinners, vegans don’t have to look far to find foods that require only 20 minutes or so in the kitchen. Tofu is one example. This incredibly versatile vegetable is used in a variety of Asian dishes, it can be steamed, baked or grilled. You can even make a delicious vegan ice cream by replacing milk and cream in a few ordinary containers with tofu and vanilla ice cream.

Another one of the healthy, yet delicious vegan dinners you can pull off at home is a simple salad made with lettuce leaves, cucumber and tomato. A new recipe for a delicious salad has been popping up lately. Using spinach as the base for the salad adds lots of nutrients and gives it an earthy flavor. This easy dinner is low calorie and low fat – perfect for a diet that aims to cut back on fats and cholesterol.

If pasta isn’t your thing, consider another one of the easy, but flavorful vegan options: bean dishes. Beans come in so many varieties that you can easily find one to match any taste. From pinto beans to chickpeas, there are a wide variety of beans for vegans to choose from. And a great idea for the dieter is to avoid the traditional pasta and use bean pasta instead; these are much lower in carbohydrates and calories.

Final Words

Of course, there are dozens of other delicious vegan lunch and dinner recipes that are both easy to prepare and delicious when made from scratch. Pulling off one of these meals is a breeze if you have a little extra time, and most of all, if you have the ingredients. You can find great tasting vegan versions of all of your favorite foods, including wraps, pasta salads, tacos and salads. The key to making any of these recipes into a quick and easy meal is to stay true to the original recipes, while adding your own creativity and flair.

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