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10 Low Carb Vegan Dinners Every Vegan Must Try

low carb vegan dinners

Are you vegan and planning to cut carbs from your diet but don’t want to compromise with taste? If yes!!! Then don’t worry, buddy because you need to eat those boring meals in order to remove carbs. Here we have brought recipes for low carb vegan dinners that are healthy and delicious as well. All these recipes are quick, easy to prepare, free from carbohydrates, rich in taste. Moreover, you can prepare all these recipes with the ingredients that are already available in your pantry. So, are you ready to find these delicious recipes? Let’s get started:

Easy And Delicious Low Carb Vegan Dinners Ideas:

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For vegan, especially who are on a low carb diet, this classic dish is perfect. The reason being it contains plenty of healthy and green vegetables. Moreover, you can prepare this within minutes. So, let’s look at the recipe below:

Firstly note down the ingredients you need to prepare this dish:

Olive oil- 2tbsp

onion – 1 piece

Bay leaf- 1 piece

Dry white wine- 1 and a half cup

Cloves garlic- 3 pieces

Dried oregano- 1 tsp

Fresh basil- a bunch

Medium eggplant- 2 pieces

Ground black pepper

Kosher salt

Bell peppers- 2


Tomato paste- 1tbsp

Halved cherry tomatoes- 2cup

Red pepper flakes- a pinch

Crusty baguette

Dried oregano- 1tsp

1. Take a strainer, keep eggplant into it and add two pinches of salt to it. Moreover, let it soak for about 15-20 minutes and then separate the eggplant.

2. Now heat half cup oil in an over or a big skillet. Put the eggplant and mix pepper and salt into it. Cook until the eggplant becomes light brown and then remove it from the flame.

3. After that, put the remaining oil into a container and add bell peppers, onions, and lay leaf into it. After mixing all these things, cook them properly for about 5 minutes.

4. Mix tomato paste and cook for at least a minute and then put the white wine. After that, mix the zucchini into a paste and cook for about 4-5 minutes. And mix in cherry tomatoes, garlic, and oregano.

5. Use salt, red pepper flakes, and salt to season the mixture and cook for about 5 minutes.

6. Put the eggplant into the container and mix well. Moreover, use basil for garnishing and serve with baguette.

Other Recipes For Delicious Low Carb Vegan Dinners:

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Brussels sprouts

Cauliflower soup

Pot vegetable soup

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Zucchini cauliflower fritters

Noodles and avocado sauce

Superfood soup

The list of vegan dinner recipes doesn’t end here. There are countless recipes, and that is not possible to cover in one content. So, if you want to know more, please keep waiting for our next article.

Final Thoughts:

These recipes for low carb vegan dinners are delicious, healthy, and super easy to make. Moreover, you can prepare them with simple ingredients. So, vegans try these recipes at home and enjoy a tasty and healthy dinner every day.

Which one will you try first? Do share with us in the chat box below!

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